Dr. Sylvester Bowie

Dr. Sylvester Bowie

As a student at Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College, Leo fancied himself to be a sprinter and thus he was a man on the move.

Since he graduated and over the last 35 years plus, I have watched Leo going places like the sprinter he was, as he has demonstrated the keen awareness (with the sprinter’s eyes) of thing that need to get done. He has started and run restaurants in the Los Angeles area, engaged in the founding of a Sam Sharpe Teachers ‘ College Alumni Association and actively engaged in and offered leadership to the Jamaica Diaspora group with a laser-like focus on education and culture.

I am only scratching the surface in my mention of Leo’s involvement and community work.

When Leo told me that he was moving to Florida and that he intended to start his own insurance business office, I was not surprised because that is the kind of person he is. He sees a need and or challenge and he is ready and willing to take it on.

Now running to be a Commissioner in Miramar, I know he will take the same sprinter’s attitude: focus and dedication to being prepared, goal oriented and most of all the desire to be successful.

Leo, I am far away in California and cannot vote for you, but I have no doubt that if you are elected you will be a focused, dedicated, visionary and successful commissioner.

As President of the California Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, I would love to have people like you serving on my board.

I wish you every success as you run again, just as you did back in the late 70s as an athlete at Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College. I believe you will be an awesome Commissioner in Miramar.

Sylvester “Jim” Bowie