Mevon E. Grant Member of the SSTC PSA, NY Chapter

Mevon E. Grant  Member of the SSTC PSA, NY Chapter

An eager and passionate advocate for the advancement of any organization or community with which he is involved is an appropriate description of Mr. Leo Gilling, who I first met during our college years at Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College in St James, Jamaica. Mr. Gilling’s rise to leadership continued and expanded beyond college years, as he voluntarily shouldered the task of exploring means and grasping opportunities to support education in his home country and the underserved at any level. Mr. Gilling migrated to the United States and furthered his education, but his dedication to “giving back”, his personal mantra, superseded all borders and distance. He went on to form, lead and participate in organizations whose goals were aimed at advancing the welfare of education and health.

His leadership skills are outstanding and he never fails to seize an opportunity to make a difference. Notable is his achievement in becoming the driving force behind the formation of the Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College Past Students’ Association which includes three chapters in the US with participants from Canada and the UK. During his presidency, the organization spearheaded health and education missions providing goods and services to those in need.

Mr. Gilling also brought together professionals, interest groups, and leaders with a similar vision, to identify needs, and develop and implement strategies to provide for the target groups. It was amazing to see how Mr. Gilling was able to bring participants who originally were strangers to each other but were united for a common

cause. Mr. Gilling was able to lead this cause and out of this dream was born the annual Leadership Education Summit which this past year was hosted in Miramar. Mr. Gilling has a magnetism about him that enables him to draw individuals together to support a worthy cause. His infectious enthusiasm about contributing to the community knows no boundaries and if his past success is used as a measuring device it only means that he be an excellent Commissioner for the City of Miramar.