Claudette Coleman | JAAC V.P Medical

Claudette Coleman | JAAC V.P Medical

I have known Leo for at least 16 years. Leo’s passion and work ethics are exemplary.

I met Leo through Jamaica Awareness Association of California ( JAAC ) a 31 year-year-old non-profit organization. He is a Past President and continued valued member. His passion for working with the underserved is infectious. We continue to work tirelessly on local projects in California and an annual medical /education mission to Jamaica. Leo continues to be instrumental in the choices of clinics and communities we serve in Jamaica.

Education is Leo’s passion and he continues his work to improve lives and the education systems in the Caribbean and in the United States. He introduced JAAC to conducting educational workshops for nursing students.

I am an avid fan of “The Fixx”, Leo’s three times weekly internet/social media show. His music sessions and selections on his programs are more than entertainment. His choice of music keeps you moving and his topics of discussions are both educational and inspirational, hence Leo has a huge following of listeners.

I Don’t know where Leo gets his energy, but whatever task Leo embarks on, he goes above and beyond to make sure it succeeds.

Thank you, Leo. You are a breath of fresh air.