Happy New Year



It’s 2019, Happy New Year! Each year end we reflect on our decisions in an attempt to confirm if they were sound, fruitful and most of all sustainable.  The new year is the perfect opportunity to review our results both professional and personal and plan for the upcoming year.  2019 is personally a very important year for me, March 12th is Election Day in Miramar and I will be one of the Candidates vying for Commissioner Seat #4.  

The theme for my campaign is “Let’s Move Forward Together.” I sincerely believe that Miramar would benefit from my role as Commissioner in its future.  I love this City and my work in business, accounting, and public service over the last three decades will be of great service to our citizens. I have always aspired to be in representational politics and I have found a home in Miramar. A place with growth potential, a vast diversity in culture and the best opportunity to work and build together.  


I would like to share my dream with you through my “Manifesto for Miramar.” Keep in mind that this Manifesto is an expression of my vision of the future for Miramar shaped by my conversations with you, the residents, over the past year. It is also shaped by the City’s original development plans and provides a solid foundation for an already forward-thinking community.  My goal is to further build on this foundation with you. This Manifesto is therefore not static, it’s open to your suggestions and will express an active, participatory approach to governance. 


Leo’s Manifesto for Miramar

  1. Let’s Move Forward with making the needs of all Miramar residents our primary focus
  2. Let’s Move Forward strengthening the Commission with a thoughtful and accountable leader on whom residents can depend
  3. Let’s Move Forward with a Commissioner that has the required accounting knowledge, business experience, and abilities to properly understand and articulate the city’s budget
  4. Let’s Move Forward with new ideas to increase revenue and help balance the budget
  5. Let’s Move Forward with new and innovative ways for residents to spend Miramar dollars in Miramar
  6. Let’s Move Forward with leadership that will take a participatory and holistic approach to policy making
  7. Let’s Move Forward as One Miramar where all cultures inside Miramar are united as one community
  8. Let’s Move Forward with highlighting our great pride of historic Miramar by making it the Arts & Culture capital of the city and Broward County
  9. Let’s Move Forward to retaining and developing micro, small and medium-size businesses for job creation, revenue growth, as well as social and cultural diversity
  10. Let’s Move Forward with innovative ideas that will increase tourism  
  11. Let’s Move Forward to develop more Cultural, Social and Educational opportunities for our Youth
  12. Let’s Move Forward with continuing to enhance public safety and  creating a buzzing city of Commerce, Culture and Community, a beacon that strengthens Broward County, Florida and the nation


The specific components of this plan will need your buy-in and full participation to make it work. I look forward to talking with you during the campaign period and working with you after March 12th to ensure that together we can achieve our dream for a better Miramar. 


I wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Let’s Move Forward Together Miramar!



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