1. Let’s Move Forward with making the needs of all Miramar residents our primary focus
  2. Let’s Move Forward strengthening the Commission with a thoughtful and accountable leader on whom residents can depend
  3. Let’s Move Forward with a Commissioner that has the required accounting knowledge, business experience, and abilities to properly understand and articulate the city’s budget
  4. Let’s Move Forward with new ideas to increase revenue and help balance the budget
  5. Let’s Move Forward with new and innovative ways for residents to spend Miramar dollars in Miramar
  6. Let’s Move Forward with leadership that will take a participatory and holistic approach to policy making
  7. Let’s Move Forward as One Miramar where all cultures inside Miramar are united as one community
  8. Let’s Move Forward with highlighting our great pride of historic Miramar by making it the Arts & Culture capital of the city and Broward County
  9. Let’s Move Forward to retaining and developing micro, small and medium-size businesses for job creation, revenue growth, as well as social and cultural diversity
  10. Let’s Move Forward with innovative ideas that will increase tourism
  11. Let’s Move Forward to develop more Cultural, Social and Educational opportunities for our Youth
  12. Let’s Move Forward with continuing to enhance public safety and creating a buzzing city of Commerce, Culture and Community, a beacon that strengthens Broward County, Florida and the nation