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Mr. Leo Gilling is a Miramar resident, small business owner, media personality, philanthropist, educational advocate, and writer, with decades of dedicated community service under his belt. His record of service is exceptional ….

Leo’s Vision for Miramar

–Let’s Move Forward with making the needs of all Miramar residents our primary focus
–Let’s Move Forward strengthening the Commission with a thoughtful and accountable leader on whom residents can depend

People's Voice

Hixwell A. Douglas  PHD Educational Consultant/Motivational Speaker

Leo Gilling is known to many as a self-directed leader and event’s organizer, an exceptional team player and a charismatic people person. His vast repertoire of knowledge and skills in representing the needs of others, his keen understanding of the unique problems confronting diverse groups, and his willingness to dedicate his time and expertise in finding solutions, have equipped him to serve as a commissioner in the political arena. I am confident, therefore, that given the opportunity to serve, he will utilize his wealth of skills and experience, to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of services to the people of his city. (more…)Hixwell A. Douglas PHD Educational Consultant/Motivational Speaker

Barbara Barrett Teacher

It is not a regular feat of a self-driven, action-oriented go-getter to be reliable, honest, and dependable contributor of countless volunteer hours to support and promote his country of birth and the Diaspora. I am privileged to have known such an individual; who is none other than Leo Gilling. (more…)Barbara Barrett Teacher

Mevon E. Grant  Member of the SSTC PSA, NY Chapter

An eager and passionate advocate for the advancement of any organization or community with which he is involved is an appropriate description of Mr. Leo Gilling, who I first met during our college years at Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College in St James, Jamaica. Mr. Gilling’s rise to leadership continued and expanded beyond college years, as he voluntarily shouldered the task of exploring means and grasping opportunities to support education in his home country and the underserved at any level. Mr. Gilling migrated to the United States and furthered his education, but his dedication to “giving back”, his personal mantra, superseded all borders and distance. He went on to form, lead and participate in organizations whose goals were aimed at advancing the welfare of education and health. (more…)Mevon E. Grant Member of the SSTC PSA, NY Chapter

Maxwell Beckford  Teacher

As a Miramar resident and voter, who has known Leo for more than 40 years, I am encouraging residents to vote for him in the upcoming Election for commissioners. Leo’s credentials as a dedicated public servant and an involved educator have been well documented over the past several years. (more…)Maxwell Beckford Teacher

Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter Actor, Playwright, Producer

If I'm ever asked to produce an example of a model citizen and friend, that definition would only describe my brethren, Leo Gilling. I'm proud to say, I've known Leo for over twenty (20) years, and, each passing year only strengthened our brotherhood. (more…)Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter Actor, Playwright, Producer

Karlene Largie JDETF Core Member IPP/Director – UJAA

The consummate believer that all things are possible if it benefits and lifts others. Despite this sounding so cliché, his own personal challenges and subsequent experiences are a testament to this belief and the perseverance and commitment that he brings to his daily life. (more…)Karlene Largie JDETF Core Member IPP/Director – UJAA

Grethel Bradford Ed.D, M.A, LCPC,ACS

I have known Leo Gilling for over thirty-nine years. Leo is a visionary, who refuses to see obstacles as anything other than challenges and opportunities for growth. Over the years, he has remained focused on his purpose of advocacy, consistently placing the interest of others in the spotlight. In his quest for equity, he remains undaunted by those who would ignore the plight of the disadvantaged. It is indeed rare to meet an individual who is intuitively aware of and sensitive to the needs of others and who will systematically address areas of discrimination against the underprivileged. He has always been involved in a project aimed at making the lives of others better. (more…)Grethel Bradford Ed.D, M.A, LCPC,ACS

Claudette Coleman | JAAC V.P Medical

I have known Leo for at least 16 years. Leo's passion and work ethics are exemplary. I met Leo through Jamaica Awareness Association of California ( JAAC ) a 31 year-year-old non-profit organization. He is a Past President and continued valued member. His passion for working with the underserved is infectious. We continue to work tirelessly on local projects in California and an annual medical /education mission to Jamaica. Leo continues to be instrumental in the choices of clinics and communities we serve in Jamaica. (more…)Claudette Coleman | JAAC V.P Medical

Dr. Sylvester Bowie

As a student at Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College, Leo fancied himself to be a sprinter and thus he was a man on the move. Since he graduated and over the last 35 years plus, I have watched Leo going places like the sprinter he was, as he has demonstrated the keen awareness (with the sprinter’s eyes) of thing that need to get done. He has started and run restaurants in the Los Angeles area, engaged in the founding of a Sam Sharpe Teachers ‘ College Alumni Association and actively engaged in and offered leadership to the Jamaica Diaspora group with a laser-like focus on education and culture. (more…)Dr. Sylvester Bowie





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